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Pages from inside Hidden

June 23, 2010


Creating the pages for my book

May 31, 2010

More creating and making……… Star Glow Reflective paint, spray paint and velcro

How to make a pull tab

May 29, 2010


May 26, 2010

I just realised a problem for the page where you hold it up to the light to reveal the word. For the 3 materials that I am using for the book; black paper and iridescent papers from Inspire me Papers, they are all too thick and don’t show the light through.

I just tried some other black papers that I have and they are too thick as well. So I will have to use the black sugar type paper from University. This is a bit annoying as it will be a different material from the rest but at least it is black so should still look fine.

If not I will find another black material to use. tissue paper?

Page Numbers

May 26, 2010

I have just tried printing page numbers onto the irredescent and black paper and it hasn’t been very successful. It didn’t work at all on the black paper and only showed up slightly on the irredescent, I think you would only notice they were there if you new.

The page numbers were only going to be on the back of the pages and in black so that they didn’t draw attention to them and it didn’t take away the focus of the actual pages.

I was going to have page numbers to make it easier to list and describe the techniques that I have used on each page. I will just have to go back to my original idea of listing the processes in order of the pages and hope that this is clear enough.


May 23, 2010

 Embossing the H stencil, hopefully to use as the front cover of my book.

Started off practicing with just white card and then I tried it with the leather paper that I wanted to use. It kept creasing quite a bit, so I wet the paper and then rolled it dryer on the blotting paper. Creasing still kept occuring though but I managed to smooth some of them out afterwards. Also tried embossing on just plain black paper too.

How to make a movable tab

May 23, 2010

 Pop-up and movable book from University Library

Layouts for research book

May 9, 2010

 Along my journey of research I have seen many many beautiful designs in many different shapes and forms. So obviously while looking I have seen some different layouts and styles that I liked and thought about for inspiration when creating a research book for this Final Major Project.

All of the images below have something to them that I like and inspire me. Whether it is the layouts, typography, sizing, styles or photography. More posts with inspiring layouts will be coming soon. I no my layouts are something that I need to improve on, so hopefully through looking at many different sources this will help my improvement.

(I don’t know whats happening with the positioning of the text and images on WordPress, it keeps moving around after I save it.)

The images below are for Abbey Road Studios by the Company. Click on the images to go to the websites link:

The two images below are also by Company but are for Almo Office. Click on images to go to the website link:

The images below are from books in the Universities library:

The G above on the front cover allows the photographs underneath to be spied from the outside.

The Peoples Art comes with interchangeable dust jackets, one by each of the artists featured.

Designed by Stefan Sagmeister for Lou Reed. I like the hand written writing used on varying pages, as it gives it a unique and personal touch. I also like the large typography spread across two pages and overlaying onto the smaller writing behind.

The four images below are again by Company. The last two are for Divercity Architects and you can click on them to go to the link on the website:

Magazines video

April 29, 2010

This nice little video was on Jenny brown’s blog. I wanted to post it up as I thought it related to one of our ideas generation workshops. We were thinking of dominant ideas of the different formats, then thinking of the more impossible ideas and finishing somewhere in the middle. Our group were coming up with ideas for the format; magazines.

Ideas Generation for format: Magazine

April 28, 2010

 For our workshop on Thursday the 22nd of May we were generating ideas for the different formats. In our group we had the format magazines, which luckily for me, in some ways, a magazine can be similar to a book. We started off my thinking of dominant ideas for the magazine, so ideas that are obvious and that you think of straight away. You can see the mind map for this in the purple writing below:

The mind map with the green writing above was for the concept challenge for our format, magazines. Here we were thinking of crazy ideas, the unobvious and impossible ideas.

Then we went on to the stepping stone challenge. This is more the inbetween stage, we think of realistic ideas from our crazy ideas in the concept challenge.

As well as writing down our ideas as a group, each different format group emailed their ideas to Darren where he then created lists with all of the different ideas for the different formats. This enables us to all share our ideas and inspire one another. For me, as my format group wasn’t books, it will be interesting for me to see what other ideas people came up with for that format.