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Screen Printing

May 31, 2010



Experimentation: screen printing, stencils and more

May 16, 2010


Screen printing: round 2

March 19, 2010

 Here are some pictures of me screen printing the different characters, objects and writing to appear on the different game boards. All of them were printed with hand made stencils.

Screen Printing: round 1

March 12, 2010

Practicing screen printing my Munch & twigs characters. I used 4 different stencils for each colour I wanted to use and printed it onto fabric, card and paper. I am going to do a few screen prints of Munch & twigs in different scenarios for the final game boards.

Printing onto fabrics and more…

March 9, 2010

2 colour print:

kool website front page, by Anna Laura:

cute illustration of love birds:

I love this effect of illustration and screen printing. It has such a relaxed, fun, feeling about it. 

Illustrator Chie miyazaki, drawings for the tate. I like the way how there is a little image for every letter and especially how some of the illustrations chosen for a particular letter, really are not the obvious ones that you would think of.

Great effect to this screen print, gives it a great texture and a rough and ready style.

Love the patterning behind this screen print, given it an odd and effective texture.

After a helpful tutorial I had with Darren, he suggested incorporating screen printing in with my sewing kinda theme/style. Which is why I have now been looking at screen printing and printing onto fabric. Its great to look at different images to see all different styles and gain new inspiration.

Looking for ideas

March 8, 2010

trying to find sewn games

I really like these ideas of squares with different symbols/images/pictures in, this could be a great idea for a game. Maybe like pairs, or like a picture wordsearch.

Looking at ideas for games, layouts, styles and general inspiration…

Different types of sewing

Screen printing onto fabric… I am thinking of maybe mixing two medias, screen printing and sewing onto fabric. These are great colours used below.

This reminded me a bit of my canvas munch and twigs book but this one is printed onto canvas instead of sewn….

I want to include sewing in my final piece, hence why I have been looking at these images.

Screen Printing Induction

November 30, 2009

Monday 30th November

Today I completed a screen printing induction at University. I have previously done screen printing before at Ravensbourne but I wanted to refresh my memory, actually learn how to expose an image onto a screen and learn how to use the equipment at LCC.

Our tutor was great and the induction went well, I just hope it goes well when I go to do it by myself in the near future.

There were just a small group of us for the induction and we chose any sort of image to then photocopy and see how to expose it to screen. All of our images went onto one screen, I photocopied the Christmas tree from the latest issue of Creative Review. I liked all of the small detail making up the inside of the tree. Then we all had a go printing the screen with all these images exposed onto.

I completed the induction as I would like to do some screen printing for my A-Z Pdf project. I am using alot of hand crafted techniques and different processes and want to include some outcomes created by screen printing. Now I will be making some final decisions on what I want to create, in what colour and on what material.

To improve and build confidence, it just takes practice, experience and learning the technique.