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Wieden & Kennedy Book

May 11, 2010

In my Survey Monkey questionnaire, two responses given to questions about designers/studios making unique books and the question about any unusual books that you know of, Wieden and Kennedy was mentioned in response.

So I started to look into any books that they had created and found this Wieden and Kennedy book.

“Designer Christin Spagnoli and copywriter Andrew Dickson traveled around the world to all seven W+K offices. They were tasked with creating a global book to be used for new business pitches, the press, and recruiting. They spent several days in each office learning about the work, absorbing the culture and trying to get a handle on what makes this place tick.”

You can see more images by clicking on the picture below. The pages look full of interesting images and there are some nice layouts to look at in terms of inspiration for the research book. I also like the black on black printing on one of the books pages.

“The result is the just-published Wieden+Kennedy, a story of who we are. It’s a book. With a smaller book inside it. And stickers of Dan and Dave. And a T-shirt iron-on of the rules. And a Tokyo Lab DVD. And a plus shaped data stick tucked into the back cover. Which connects to the digital experience which includes TV and interactive work, a global video and the brand new W+K blog destop widget.”


Layouts for research book

May 9, 2010

 Along my journey of research I have seen many many beautiful designs in many different shapes and forms. So obviously while looking I have seen some different layouts and styles that I liked and thought about for inspiration when creating a research book for this Final Major Project.

All of the images below have something to them that I like and inspire me. Whether it is the layouts, typography, sizing, styles or photography. More posts with inspiring layouts will be coming soon. I no my layouts are something that I need to improve on, so hopefully through looking at many different sources this will help my improvement.

(I don’t know whats happening with the positioning of the text and images on WordPress, it keeps moving around after I save it.)

The images below are for Abbey Road Studios by the Company. Click on the images to go to the websites link:

The two images below are also by Company but are for Almo Office. Click on images to go to the website link:

The images below are from books in the Universities library:

The G above on the front cover allows the photographs underneath to be spied from the outside.

The Peoples Art comes with interchangeable dust jackets, one by each of the artists featured.

Designed by Stefan Sagmeister for Lou Reed. I like the hand written writing used on varying pages, as it gives it a unique and personal touch. I also like the large typography spread across two pages and overlaying onto the smaller writing behind.

The four images below are again by Company. The last two are for Divercity Architects and you can click on them to go to the link on the website:

Graphic Design Portfolio

October 26, 2009




Two photographs from a group project where we were given a random piece of text which we then graphically represented with an installation.



Two pieces from a summer project before starting this course in 2008. The project was called ‘Me Map’ and the top collage represents a map of my future life and the bottom one shows a map of my life in the past.




The two pieces at the top are part of my research towards this Graphic Design Manifesto project and above is my own final manifesto.



Two of a series of six pieces from another summer project completed before starting my current course in 2008. I asked a number of people 6 questions about design and then responded to these graphically.



Above are images of my Fundamentals Journal, which was a reflection on a number of workshops that we completed at the beginning of the course.



Above are two collages I created when thinking of ideas and styles for the Fundamentals Journal. The top one is a retro style and the bottom an industrial style.






I took my Final Major Project out onto the streets of London to find out the publics opinion on ‘what they love about London’.



These two posters above are the responses from the public showing what they love about London.






As well as the work above we also had to create a Research Book for our Final Major Project. This was responding to a number of workshops we completed, developments from these workshops and our own work.