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Barcelona 2009! A weeks summer stay

September 21, 2009

Barcelona… Street art, architecture, street music, nice food, lots to visit and nice weather, what more could you want?

I loved my week in Barcelona, where we saw so much of it, yet could still see even more. We were staying in Barceloneta, near the old Gothic town. This was such a perfect place to stay as we were 5 mins from the beach and a short work to the old Gothic town, which has lots of winding streets, cathedrals, shops restaurants and bars.

The street art around Barcelona is amazing, it’s everywhere. Theres some really great stuff and so many different ideas.






Another piece of street art, which also seemed popular were spray painted designs onto mirrors. I loved these and definitely want to try one sometime. Its cool as when you look at them, as well as seeing the mirror and the graphics, you also get a different background when viewing it at different angles, which also adds to the effect. Below is are two examples..



My summer project for LCC is all about language and photographing different examples of it. So this was a great opportunity for me in Barcelona. I got some great signs and examples of language! A few examples below..






Coca-Cola in Barcelona!


Lots more pictures on my Flickr site and still more to be added..