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May 26, 2010

I just realised a problem for the page where you hold it up to the light to reveal the word. For the 3 materials that I am using for the book; black paper and iridescent papers from Inspire me Papers, they are all too thick and don’t show the light through.

I just tried some other black papers that I have and they are too thick as well. So I will have to use the black sugar type paper from University. This is a bit annoying as it will be a different material from the rest but at least it is black so should still look fine.

If not I will find another black material to use. tissue paper?


Experimentation: screen printing, stencils and more

May 16, 2010


A little inspiration for my pages- light and same colour printing

May 16, 2010

Lemon Juice Invisibility

May 5, 2010

Simon gave me another heads up on a way to hide image/text… Lemon Juice.

Then when looking at science for kids, trying to find emulsion paper, I saw the Lemon Juice invisibility. It gives you simpe instructions on how to do it but basically you just use lemon juice to create your text/image, which you obviously will not be able to see, until you hold a light to it, which heats it up and then you can view what you created in the lemon juice.

Some websites are suggesting that it is quite hard to reveal the message and you have to heat the paper up alot. I am not sure how I will really be able to do this is the page is attached to the book and obviously I do not want it to be dangerous.

Other products you can use for invisibility:

  • baking soda
  • corn starch
  • milk


May 2, 2010

Cool effects of UV reactive paint. Nice patterns. Where I am thinking of using different materials, perhaps I could create crazy patterns on a page in my book to only be seen when the page is lit by a UV light.

B&H Colour Change

April 19, 2010

Joe Hughes shared this link with me 🙂

In the print section it showcases printed work with ink sensitive to: heat, touch, chill, moisture, cook, UV, game cards, stress, packaging/labelling and chamelon inks.

The touch reactive ink is responsive to body temperature.

The moisture reactive ink is responsive to liquid or wet food. A blank panel reveals a message.

A high temperature ink formulation that is invisible to the eye. When oven cooked or microwaved a message will appear permanently.

Photochromic inks change colour dramatically when placed in daylight. The colour change is reversible. Our photochromic inks can also be used as a UV warning device.

Stress Check Cards measure your stress or anxiety level through your thumb on a special liquid crystal pad on the card.

Another number of great, interactive products. This has enabled me to find out about even more types of smart inks and their functions. Not only does the website just deal with print, there are different interactive products, such as these drink stirrers that change colour brightly when placed in a cold drink and are easily branded.:

And these spoons that change colour in hot and cold food or in your mouth or hand:

Blood on Paper

April 18, 2010

A great link given to me by Obie 🙂

Unfortunatley the exhibition has finished, all the way back in 2008 but it is still interesting to read about and to view the images. The exhibition looked at the extroadinary ways in which the artist treated the book, both today and in the recent past.

Danger book:Suicide Fireworks

‘Volume of drawings made with flammable and adhesive substances, with gunpowder encased in each of the leaves. One of an edition of 9 unique works published by Ivory Press, London.’

Love this idea, it is as though the book will only live a certain time before taken on a new format (black and burnt). The action of the burning looks great and makes great pictures with the black image still behind the flames.


‘Two paper sculptures, each with ‘wound’ cut by laser; facsimile of a drawing book by the artist; white box with red paint.’

Cahier d’un Retour au Pays Natal

Silkscreen prints; letterpress

Traces Suspectes en Surface


I have included this one as I thought it was really beautiful and with the prints being contained in a box, it makes the lithographs seem very special and precious. It also provides that personal feeling.


Etchings; wood engravings;  silkscreen prints; letterpress

The cover and the protective encasing look beautiful on this book, I think It is also the clean white and light colours that create a great look for it, very professional.