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Saul bass

May 12, 2010

Saul bass; “Henri’s walk to Paris”

I love the different imagery for each page and the change of style on the various pages. Very beautiful work! The pages feel quite playful and fun, with the change of pace on each page keeping up the enthusiasm and interest for the book.


David Shrigley

May 11, 2010

I had already researched some of the names and studios that were mentioned in response to my Survey Monkey Questionnaire but David Shrigley was an illustrator that I hadn’t done any research on yet. His work is very fun, with a humerous and friendly feel to alot of it.

I also like seeing the colour themes being chosen for the various different work by designers. Currently I am thinking of a black and pink colour theme for my own book, so its nice to see some work of this colour below. (click on images also)

Mike Stilkey

April 29, 2010

Something a bit different… book scultures by Mike Stilkey. The name was mentioned as a resource for people looking into books, from one of the presentations on the first Monday. I like how the books have been painted onto with quite weirdly shaped illustrations. Also I like how the positioning of the books has been explored, in order to enhance the illustration.

There are plenty more to see, please click on the cat.

FingerPrint by Chen Design Associates

April 17, 2010

 FingerPrint; The Art of Using Handmade elements in Graphic Design. So as you can guess this book is right up my street. I scanned just a few pieces of work from it that I feel relate to the project and to my research.

The book is really helpful as it tells you the materials and the processes used for the different pieces of work, which to me I feel is one of the most useful things to be shared with viewers. This way we do not have to be left in wonderment on how the hell the different designer actually created the different designs. Also I want to use a range of processes and materials for my own work, so it is great to have all these different examples to relate to and be able to see what you can actually produce using the different materials and processes.

Meat Club Cookbook. It relates to my research as I am not only going to create a book but one of the ideas for a book is for it to be a craft book (this idea was inspired by Darren). So the work is in relation to a craft book by the sewing created on the front cover. All of the artwork for the book was created on fabric and then scanned directly onto a flatbed scanner. I like this style as I like the different look and the great textures created by he fabric, this is like my Okido work where I did all of the gameboards and childrens book on material.

Luanne Martineau Catalog. Again I like the material element to this catalog. The knitted wrap around the outside relates to the artists style or work, which involve hand-labor-intensive works.

Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. Kevin Carroll uses letterpress and lithography to create a book full of texture and natural materials.

Reduce Waste book. The pages of this book were printed on one thousand posters that were undistributed due to poor timing. They worked with existing materials to extend their life cycle. Here I like the recycled element to the book and how materials have been re-used instend of wasted.

The Bridge Fund Annual Report. A first look the book seems to be a simple two colour text narrative but once you tear the perforated signatures, it reveals beautiful four colour imagery of the people, places and results of The Bridge Fund’s work. I love this factor of revealing a surprise in the design, it creates a lot of interest and awe.

Just because I have chosen to show these pieces of work, it doesn’t mean to say that the others are not of interest, use, or inspiring to me, they definitely are. I will be relating back to them later in the project as my ideas develop more and the project moves on to the next phase but at the moment we are just gathering the research, so a final topic has not been decided.

Munch&twigs games

April 15, 2010

 My 6 final game boards for the Okido Magazine project:

Pop-up book at the V&A

April 11, 2010

A beautiful pop-up book by David Carter. I was looking at a few of the books in the V&A gift shop and there really were some beautiful ones. Having started to think away from the pop-up book area, seeing this one and others, really got me falling back in love with them and the idea of a pop-up book. The range of different shapes and sizes you can create with a pop-up leaves the potential for a book very open.

I liked the cover on this craft book:

Munch and twigs final pieces (from sketchbook)

March 27, 2010

 We handed in our final pieces and research on the 16th of March for assessment. Rachel took all our printed work and we also sent her the jpeg versions, so these are just a few pics from my sketch book of the final work for now…

Above was my favourite game board. I think it was because of the colourful, bright friendly squares of colour and images. Yet all around the edge of the colourful squares, the design is quite clean and simple. Also there wasn’t the need for a lot of type, so there was easily enough clear space for the needed sewn type.

I created 6 final pieces in total, so 6 board games. Rachel seemed to really like them but her main criticism was the screen printed, stencil like type that I used on 2 of the games (luckily only 2!!!!). I was worried at the time that Rachel wouldn’t like but it is best to experiment and it is also extremley difficult to sew small font, especially in some of the really confined spaces I had to work in. However I will sew this type on a seperate piece of canvas and scan it in to change on the 2 games in the near future.

I created 3 finger puppets for the project. I wanted to try my own ones from being inspired by Soju’s finger puppets that I saw in the Okido Pop-up shop. 2 of them are felt the other one is screen printed.

Home-Start Leaflets

March 26, 2010

Below are images of the two leaflets I handed in at the end of the Home-Start Camden charity project for the final pieces. I need to take some better pictures of alot of my work. 

Leaflet one, info on the charity, volunteering and donating:


The idea is that the way you open the leaflet creates surprise as you don’t know what is to come on the next page, which all helps in keeping the readers attention. Also it is a fun and different way of unfolding a leaflet to most of the folds used. Seeing little bits of the heart also allows it slowly to be revealed, yet connects all of the pages together.

Second leaflet, for gift aid, donating and a little info about the charity:

Since then I have seen Philippa who has given me advice on how I can tweek and improve certain bits of the leaflet, as Home-Start Camden are interested in actually using my leaflets which is great news. Therefore I have been playing around with the designs, tweaking bits here and there. Also I have been trying to sort out a price with a printers.

Experimenting with improvements:

I have changed some of the sizes of the type on both leaflets, am palying around with the layout for the front of the A5 leaflet and trying different illustrations for the front of the larger leaflet.

Some fellow students final work

March 20, 2010

 A few pictures of peoples final work for the Okido project brief. We had to create either a game or story to feature on an Okido magazine page.

I love the work above, it is so intricate and beautifully done. It is definitely very visually interesting both for adults and children.

This is Kates work below where you had to find the body noises:

Below is Andys work. Also really love his work, it has such a great look and style to it. He firstly hand drew the images and then scanned them and over drew them in Illustrator, which he said took a very long time! Then he modified them in Photoshop, adding colour etc. The kind of dirty, old brown paper look he created by scanning in some old paper, layering it in Photoshop then bringing down the opacity of his images so you could see some of the paper. I thought this was such a great ideas!

the balloon is so cute!

Izzys work:

Jamie Rostants work, Breakfast time!:

I will upload some pics of my final work soon….

It was great seeing everyones work at the end of the project as we have seen it progress and then to actually see the final piece is great too, so we can see the whole development of the work. I think seeing your fellow students work is definitely one of the most inpirational things for our own work and it is great as we can all talk about it and share how we created the work. There was definitely some great work produced and some great ideas.

Screen printing: round 2

March 19, 2010

 Here are some pictures of me screen printing the different characters, objects and writing to appear on the different game boards. All of them were printed with hand made stencils.