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Pages from inside Hidden

June 23, 2010


The book

June 1, 2010

Prototype Book

May 18, 2010

 This was the prototype that I created for the tutorial/half way assessment on Thursday the 14th. So these are some of my mock up pages for my Hidden book.

Ways to hide text in my discovery/hidden book

May 7, 2010

POSSIBLE ways to completly hide the text or image in my book: (these are the more realistic ones and the ways in which I am thinking of hiding text at the moment)

Invisible UV revealing, clear neon paint

StarGlow clear reflective paint

Glow paint

red filters (like stefan sagmeister)

lift up flaps

revealing by holding up the page to the light

movable, sliding taps

secret compartments in the pages

two materials together with the type hidden inbetween, e.g with bubble wrap and coloured paper behind

printing onto clear transparencies

same colour printing onto the same coloured background

Red and green acetate

May 7, 2010

Using red and green acetate to hide, reveal and show text. Another way that could be used to hide text or image, I wonder how easy or hard it is to accomplish this.

How to make an Optical Illusion

May 5, 2010

A video showing how to make an optical illusion. This is part of my research looking into materials and also possible ways to hide text or image. I am interested in a business card that Stefan Sagmeister made, where he hid text and played with the idea of the optical illusion.

Lemon Juice Invisibility

May 5, 2010

Simon gave me another heads up on a way to hide image/text… Lemon Juice.

Then when looking at science for kids, trying to find emulsion paper, I saw the Lemon Juice invisibility. It gives you simpe instructions on how to do it but basically you just use lemon juice to create your text/image, which you obviously will not be able to see, until you hold a light to it, which heats it up and then you can view what you created in the lemon juice.

Some websites are suggesting that it is quite hard to reveal the message and you have to heat the paper up alot. I am not sure how I will really be able to do this is the page is attached to the book and obviously I do not want it to be dangerous.

Other products you can use for invisibility:

  • baking soda
  • corn starch
  • milk