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Fridays antics… Spray Painting

November 26, 2009

Friday 20th November

My work on Friday was all around spray painting. I am really pleased with the outcomes from the spray painted work, some of it is finished and others I will now be working with more.

It is definitely best to just delve in and get creating. This leads you to realise what ideas have a good outcome to them, how your idea is actually realised, to have different work to experiment with and also new work and ideas get produced from it.

Now I have finished one piece and have some more to work with.

Here is the progress of my day:

The photos aren’t the best but better quality ones will be taken for my final pieces.


Alphabet videos

November 3, 2009

For the A-Z of Graphic Language project that we are currently working on I have started to look at more videos on You Tube of alphabets. These are some that I liked:

My favourite one is the video below!! Great style and it seems to link in a theme of the environment to it:

Looking at these provides me with all different types of ideas and inspiration. Im just trying to settle on certain ideas at the moment as I feel this project can go in any direction.