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Pages from inside Hidden

June 23, 2010


Screen Printing

May 31, 2010


Spray painting

May 31, 2010

 Spray painting with glow in the dark paint- activates when shining a UV light onto it

Creating the pages for my book

May 31, 2010

More creating and making……… Star Glow Reflective paint, spray paint and velcro

Making, Creating and Experimenting

May 31, 2010


How to make a pull tab

May 29, 2010

Page Numbers

May 26, 2010

I have just tried printing page numbers onto the irredescent and black paper and it hasn’t been very successful. It didn’t work at all on the black paper and only showed up slightly on the irredescent, I think you would only notice they were there if you new.

The page numbers were only going to be on the back of the pages and in black so that they didn’t draw attention to them and it didn’t take away the focus of the actual pages.

I was going to have page numbers to make it easier to list and describe the techniques that I have used on each page. I will just have to go back to my original idea of listing the processes in order of the pages and hope that this is clear enough.

New ideas: mini tutorial

May 24, 2010

I saw Philippa today who gave me a few new ideas:

  • To use 3pt type and then use a magnifying glass to be able to read it. I had this idea before but hadn’t gone ahead with it has it doesn’t fit in with the theme of the blank pages. BUT I hadn’t though of using it for the casing or wrapping. (this doesn’t have to look blank)
  • Tie the thin magnifying glass to the book so it is a book mark. Tie with a ribbon
  • Tracing paper or acetate with the 3pt instructions inside, so you can just see from the outside that something is there but you can not see clearly what it is.
  • This could be wrapped around the cover.
  • Or in a secret compartment
  • Or for a seperate decriptive page in the actual book.
  • The description is good to include so people can know the various processes that I have used, it makes it more interesting to know.

Experimentation- Glow in the dark and UV

May 24, 2010


Firstly with the glow in the dark spray paint. Shows up nicely, very bright! but it doesn’t dry clear. So I am going to use it inside the velcro page.

Secondly is the UV paint. This doesn’t work as well, it only shows up orange after you have shined the light onto it for literally a second. Going to try it again onto better quality card.

New book size

May 21, 2010

After the halfway assessment this post that I had prevoiusly put up really came to mind:

The British Issue; Less Common More Sense

Jeremy Tankard talks Typography by Ed Cornish

“I always go back to: question everything and re-question everything. Never accept what people tell you. Something I have learnt along the way is to just fight for what you want. Try and understand within yourself what it is that turns you on in what you’re doing. Instead of thinking ‘I really like that’ ask ‘Why do I really like that?’ Question everything and keep looking at things in different ways. If you think ‘It’s not working, it’s too spiky and it’s because of this, this and this’ slowly you work harder. Nothing will ever be given to you.”

I began to really question the size of my book, why was it this size? I had previously decided on A4 landscape so that there was enough space and so that the pages were not cramped. However now the book felt too large, unappropriate and that it has too mcuh space.

A smaller book would fit in with the theme of hidden and secrets more and I feel that it would generally work better. It would just sit in your hands and have all of these different techniques (hopefully beautiful and fun) used inside.