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Pages from inside Hidden

June 23, 2010


Embossing with embossing powder

May 31, 2010

Embossing with an embossing pen, powder and heat gun

Embossing with a heat gun

May 24, 2010

Experimenting: embossing using a heat gun, embossing pen and trying 3 different powders.

Embossed paper

May 24, 2010

 Ironing out the embossed paper to improve smoothness and creases.


May 23, 2010

 Embossing the H stencil, hopefully to use as the front cover of my book.

Started off practicing with just white card and then I tried it with the leather paper that I wanted to use. It kept creasing quite a bit, so I wet the paper and then rolled it dryer on the blotting paper. Creasing still kept occuring though but I managed to smooth some of them out afterwards. Also tried embossing on just plain black paper too.

Stencil for embossing

May 23, 2010

 Creating the stencil for embossing. Hopefully to use as the front cover of my book ‘Hidden’.


May 10, 2010

I was thinking of maybe embossing the front cover of my book, so I started to research into what materials you can emboss onto. I had seen some other embossing tools before but then I found the link below, where you use an embossing pen, embossing powder and then a heat gun to create an embossed shape. The effects can look really nice too and I have looked on ebay at how much it would cost me and it would be between £10 to £15 for the equipment, so not too bad seeing as I will be able to resuse it. Plus it looks pretty easy to do.

On the link belowthere are several videos about embossing and how to do it but on the video that will come up first I really like the clear, shine effect on the black card. This is something that I want to try for my book, using a clear embossing powder on a coloured background. It can fit into my hidden theme and I may even possibly use it for the front cover but we will have to see.

Then I looked at several videos on Youtube. The top video shows a range of different embossing powders and the effects that they leave and the bottom video is just one simple embossing powder, that leaves a nice shine when it hits the light. Its also cool how I will be able to do it by hand and will be able to experiment alot until I like what I produce.

Special Print Effects

May 8, 2010

A Book About Special Print Effects

This has been a very inspiring and interesting book to view and read. There are a range of different projects, from books to wedding invites and business cards, with different styles, many different materials, various printing techniques and a range of functions.

“In our increasingly digital age of small-screen flash animations and billboard-size photo ads, printed material is becoming a precious commodity. The message s conveyed not only by sight or even sound, but by direct tactile contact with the target consumer.”

The images I have shown below are ones that I have picked out due to their relevance to my project and also because they inspire me, sometimes due to their originality. I like to see the use of different materials, textures and printing techniques and then the end result of these experimentations. Parts that also appeal to me in the work are features such as transparency, translucent materials, change and interaction. 

Here are the titles of the work shown below and a little description, alot of the time the description basically summarises the reason why the work appeals to me. The titles and parts of the description are shown before the images (because WordPress keeps changing how I am trying to put the picture and then the title above or underneath). They are in order: description for the image shown : top to bottom and left to right.

swan Invitation Card 2006-07 Autumn/Winter

  • An enveloped card in sheer paper, reflecting the image of delicate swans in white and black. Foil printing, gives the swans a strong presence, so that they can be seen through the envelope.

journal standard luxe OmotesandoInvitation

  • stencil printing onto cloth

 Jekyll & Hyde Brochure

  • The studio’s philosophy is printed on pieces of contradicting materials -hard/soft, transparent/opaque, warm/cool and can only be read by putting two pieces together.

Welcome To The Dollhouse

  • Customized white cardboard house for children

MP/RB Wedding Invitation

  • Blind embossed typography

oasis Invitation Card 2006 Spring/Summer

This card was produced by embossing on thick, squashy paper, with blind embossing applied to the horse motif.

licorice Invitation Card 2004-05 Autumn/Winter

  • The thick card envelope and very thin paper inside produce contrasting textures. Fluorescent colours of seeping ink show through the reverse side of the translucent paper lining.

Brutus No.548 A Creative Director Will Create A Successful Business

  • As the magaine cools, a design appears on the can. Using cold temperature-sensitive print.Some bookstores sold the magazine by keeping it in the refrigerator.

100 Books

  • This book was printed on OK float paper, while letters were not printed but embossed with heat, to let them emerge with glossy texture. Blind-debossing was used for the cover. The box is silk-screen printed in white.

New Town

  • The details of the bared embroidery thread are shown through the semitranslucent cover wrapping.

Hiroshi Tanabe

  • A special temperature-sensitive ink is used for this cover design, so that the colours on the cover change spontaneously according to the room temperature.

(same image) 1st: Mufas Copy

  • Cover details were printed onto durable tracing paper

(same image) 2nd: Luna Sea Tonight

  • The front of the CD is printed with heat-sensitive ink. As a result the cover changes according to the temperature variation of its immediate environment.

Jekyll & Hyde Brochure

  • The studio’s philosophy is printed on pieces of contradicting materials -hard/soft, transparent/opaque, warm/cool and can only be read by putting two pieces together.

Another mountain men Personal Card

  • the material is made from the material with the least additives in order to conserve its original texture.


  • The collection is presented in layers, with gold hot foil stamping, blind embossing and laser cut to enrich the graduation.

ClearInTheFog#11 (image 1)

  • the installation assembled book mock-ups with the die cut wod ‘SERVICE’ diagonally across the whole piece. 

ClearInTheFog#11 (image 2)

  • the installation assembled book mock-ups with the die cut wod ‘SERVICE’ diagonally across the whole piece. 

 Christian Lacroix A/W ready-to-wear Catalogue

UV varnish, decorated on top with fine black lines of offset printing.