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Some of my more recent work

July 5, 2012

Please click on the link below to view some of the work that I completed from my time spent at the London College of Communication, until I graduated last summer.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Design Portfolio


More Kinetic Typography Videos

November 16, 2009

Joker’s Pencil Trick

One of the greatest movies; The Dark Knight.

I like quite a few aspects from this kinetic typography video and I think elements improve through the length of it. Just two parts out of many that I like are the ‘hmm’ that comes out diagonally from the writing and the jumping punctuation around ‘plan’. This is such as interesting part of the movie, the words and the way they are said and also the great sounds that accompany these words by Heath Ledger…. Amazing!

Now compare this with the one below. Some similar elements and some very different. Both have nice textured backgrounds to them.

The contrast of the different typefaces is a nice effect, with the Joker having a great odd looking font.

Monty Python

Funny audio clip, with some nice creativity. I like when the page fills up with words from all different places and angles and along with the simple imagery and type it has a great effect.

Simplicty rules here.

I have been enjoying looking at different kinetic typography videos since one of our earliest workshops for this A-Z of Graphic Language projects, where we were creating our own kinetic typography videos in Flash.

Some Great Alphabets

November 4, 2009


Alphabet Shutters

My friend at University actually pointed out to me that these letter were a series, as he had a few photographs of some of the letters and I had two. Then I found a picture of all of the letters from the alphabet, above. Below are the two images that I had:


This A is from the top of Bricklane and the T below is also from Bricklane.



Light Alphabet

This is a very popular one but has such an amazing, clever effect. The photos look great and the letters have a great curved shape to them.


You also see alot of human alphabets, however this one is different from any that I have seen. The letters where they are holding the blanket in the wind are my favourites.


Letters made by the tops of buildings, very clever.


Great, weird, mystical effect. The letters all have great movement and texture.

These alphabets and more are from the website: Where David has found them from different peoples sites, such as Flickr. I would like to thank all the creators of these alphabets as they are very inspirational.

This alphabet I found from google. The bright colours are what stood out to me and the combining of both imagery and typography.

pic alphabet