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How to make a pull tab

May 29, 2010


Ian Hundley

April 29, 2010

I loved this post on Laila Bumanglag’s blog….

Ian Hundley is a Brooklyn-based artist who transforms maps into original large-scale quilts.

I really love these, I am not even doing maps for my chosen format but I love the idea and the aesthetic appeal of these maps and really the idea could apply to various things. I haven’t seen a map on a quilt before, so they are very interesting and unique and really do look great!

I could even apply this idea to a book….

  • A quilt book; the book could unfold into a giant quilt
  • The pages of the book could all be sewn onto a large quilt, so the quilt would just be one thing full of story pages

FingerPrint by Chen Design Associates

April 17, 2010

 FingerPrint; The Art of Using Handmade elements in Graphic Design. So as you can guess this book is right up my street. I scanned just a few pieces of work from it that I feel relate to the project and to my research.

The book is really helpful as it tells you the materials and the processes used for the different pieces of work, which to me I feel is one of the most useful things to be shared with viewers. This way we do not have to be left in wonderment on how the hell the different designer actually created the different designs. Also I want to use a range of processes and materials for my own work, so it is great to have all these different examples to relate to and be able to see what you can actually produce using the different materials and processes.

Meat Club Cookbook. It relates to my research as I am not only going to create a book but one of the ideas for a book is for it to be a craft book (this idea was inspired by Darren). So the work is in relation to a craft book by the sewing created on the front cover. All of the artwork for the book was created on fabric and then scanned directly onto a flatbed scanner. I like this style as I like the different look and the great textures created by he fabric, this is like my Okido work where I did all of the gameboards and childrens book on material.

Luanne Martineau Catalog. Again I like the material element to this catalog. The knitted wrap around the outside relates to the artists style or work, which involve hand-labor-intensive works.

Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. Kevin Carroll uses letterpress and lithography to create a book full of texture and natural materials.

Reduce Waste book. The pages of this book were printed on one thousand posters that were undistributed due to poor timing. They worked with existing materials to extend their life cycle. Here I like the recycled element to the book and how materials have been re-used instend of wasted.

The Bridge Fund Annual Report. A first look the book seems to be a simple two colour text narrative but once you tear the perforated signatures, it reveals beautiful four colour imagery of the people, places and results of The Bridge Fund’s work. I love this factor of revealing a surprise in the design, it creates a lot of interest and awe.

Just because I have chosen to show these pieces of work, it doesn’t mean to say that the others are not of interest, use, or inspiring to me, they definitely are. I will be relating back to them later in the project as my ideas develop more and the project moves on to the next phase but at the moment we are just gathering the research, so a final topic has not been decided.

Pop-up book at the V&A

April 11, 2010

A beautiful pop-up book by David Carter. I was looking at a few of the books in the V&A gift shop and there really were some beautiful ones. Having started to think away from the pop-up book area, seeing this one and others, really got me falling back in love with them and the idea of a pop-up book. The range of different shapes and sizes you can create with a pop-up leaves the potential for a book very open.

I liked the cover on this craft book:

The Victoria and Albert Museum: Crafts

April 11, 2010

 I kept in mind the idea from Darren for a kind of craft book, so as part of this research I looked around the V&A before going to see the Decode exhibition. All of this isn’t the type of craft that I would include in a book but it all helps in my ideas generation and research. Looking around I saw many different materials, patterns, shapes, styles and media being used and then got to read about the history of it and where it originated from. Here are some of the pictures I took for reference.

Kaftan of a prince who died as a child. Thought that he was maybe executed.

Some of the blue tiles above were from the Tomb of Buyanquli Khan. Some were tomb markers from around 1300. The tiles were deeply carved with inscriptions and other ornament.

For our project we should be looking at both contemporary and historical examples as inspiration and for research, which is why I have included these pieces in my research.

Okido Pop up shop :)

March 10, 2010

Visit to the Okido shop on Saturday the 6th of March. There was fun, music, many people and much to look at. Here are just some of the pictures that I took…

Workshop for this Saturday:

So much kool stuff in the pop up shop

Puppets that were being made

Chie and Soju’s work. The travelling exhibition

I love all the different little bits, especially the badges and finger puppets, so fun.

Our class mini books from LCC:

Munch and twigs in Okido yayyy:

Two of my buys 🙂