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Book shops and the British Museum

May 8, 2010

Tuesday the 4th of May

Today I visited a few different places, all relating to my chosen format, books and all looking at different examples and styles of the book.

Firstly I visited the British Museum. Here I looked at a range of historic books, reading about the reasons behind their creations and the topics that they are based on. There are varying, important reasons behind the creation of the different books and some also have very beautiful illustrations shown within their pages. It is helpful to look at both contemporary and historical examples and alot of the research I have been doing would be more toward contemporary examples, so this is why this trip was worthwhile.

“During the eighteenth century, one of the signs of a gentleman was his library, which often included ancient artifacts, such as coins and medals in this case.”

“Books and coins were therefore once intimately linked.”

You could actually hold the objects from the casing above and each one was from hundreds and hundreds of thousands years ago. The one at the bottom right is actually a head rest. The cloth type material on the top left is actually from a Mummy.

I like these translucent images above, created a nice effect in the exhibition.

Next I went to Falkiner’s, near the British Museum and viewed a range of materials that would be possible for me to purchase, if decided on in the near future. They also had some beautiful letterpress cards. They have such a range of papers here and some really lovely crafted ones, such as; Japanese decorative, French decorative and Katamome.

After this I went to the Graphic Centre in Covent Garden to see what interesting materials that they provided. This is all in preparation for the creation of my book and research book, so I can see what kind of materials/papers are out there, to have these in mind and not be rushing around last minute trying to find things that I wish to purchase.

Then I went to visit a range of different bookshops, to see both contemporary and historic examples of books. I was also looking at the different materials used, styles and shapes of the books. Firstly I went the Dover Bookshop near Covent Garden tube and then to R D Franks near Oxford Circus and then onto several ones that were in a row near Leicester square; Koenig Books ,Quintos bookshop and Henry Pordes Books, which is a second hand bookshop with very reasonable prices. The SuperHeroes book was very heavy in weight as the cover seemed to be printed onto some sort of metal. The pages inside were very high glossed. The last images of the various books are ones that I noted in the bookshop Koenig. The Map as Art was a very appropriate and interesting book about maps (for the map people), My Wonderful World of Fashion had some nice printing techniques on the cover and Erwin Wurm had a very unusual protruding gerkin on the front cover. White noise had some white corrugated type of card used on the front cover and Waddle was another optical illusions book, as I had previously only seen the Gallop optical illusion one.


The Victoria and Albert Museum: Decode

April 10, 2010

 Decode is a collaboration between the V&A and onedotzero.

“Digitial technologies are providing new tools for artists and designers.”

“Many of the exhibits here defy traditional design categories. They blur the boundaries between practices, between programming and performance, creator and participant.” 

The exhibition looks at three main themes; Code, Interactivity and Network.

Decode was most definitely a very inspirational and interesting exhibition. There were so many amazing things to see, were you literally were like ‘WOW’ to some of the different pieces. I think the exhibition appealed to many different people, as there were not just designers enjoying it but families as well.

I think if I had to pick one piece to be my favourite it would be the VideoGrid. The VideoGrid was a great interaction design piece, which was very fun and kept everyone very entertained. It was great as we were making our own artwork and our own videos, so the design was constantly changing. I think the beauty of it is the constant change. There were so many other amazing pieces too though.

It was a great exhibition to see and where we are looking to push the boundaries of our formats, this exhibition is pushing the boundaries of the traditional design categories and between programming and performance, among others. I was thinking about creating my final piece to possibly be interactive so obviously this was another great reason for having seen this brilliant exhibition.

Barcelona 2009! A weeks summer stay

September 21, 2009

Barcelona… Street art, architecture, street music, nice food, lots to visit and nice weather, what more could you want?

I loved my week in Barcelona, where we saw so much of it, yet could still see even more. We were staying in Barceloneta, near the old Gothic town. This was such a perfect place to stay as we were 5 mins from the beach and a short work to the old Gothic town, which has lots of winding streets, cathedrals, shops restaurants and bars.

The street art around Barcelona is amazing, it’s everywhere. Theres some really great stuff and so many different ideas.






Another piece of street art, which also seemed popular were spray painted designs onto mirrors. I loved these and definitely want to try one sometime. Its cool as when you look at them, as well as seeing the mirror and the graphics, you also get a different background when viewing it at different angles, which also adds to the effect. Below is are two examples..



My summer project for LCC is all about language and photographing different examples of it. So this was a great opportunity for me in Barcelona. I got some great signs and examples of language! A few examples below..






Coca-Cola in Barcelona!


Lots more pictures on my Flickr site and still more to be added..