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Home-Start Leaflets

March 26, 2010

Below are images of the two leaflets I handed in at the end of the Home-Start Camden charity project for the final pieces. I need to take some better pictures of alot of my work. 

Leaflet one, info on the charity, volunteering and donating:


The idea is that the way you open the leaflet creates surprise as you don’t know what is to come on the next page, which all helps in keeping the readers attention. Also it is a fun and different way of unfolding a leaflet to most of the folds used. Seeing little bits of the heart also allows it slowly to be revealed, yet connects all of the pages together.

Second leaflet, for gift aid, donating and a little info about the charity:

Since then I have seen Philippa who has given me advice on how I can tweek and improve certain bits of the leaflet, as Home-Start Camden are interested in actually using my leaflets which is great news. Therefore I have been playing around with the designs, tweaking bits here and there. Also I have been trying to sort out a price with a printers.

Experimenting with improvements:

I have changed some of the sizes of the type on both leaflets, am palying around with the layout for the front of the A5 leaflet and trying different illustrations for the front of the larger leaflet.


Progressing with the mock-ups

February 9, 2010

I started to think of new ideas last Monday to assist in the progression of my leaflet. This was the new mock that I created for this Thursday. I new it still needed some work to it, with the front cover being a priority.


The leaflet involves information about Home-Start Camden, Volunteer information and donatation information.

There are a number of quotes, one from the volunteer and two from Home-Start clients.

The focus on words are to show a conscious stream of thought. So the words are to do with feelings from the services that Home-Start provides and it is like a stream of thought from clients of Home-Start.

The drawings are to assist with interest and to create a theme. They bring in the childs view to Home-Start, with the illustrations looking like childs drawings. The illustrations also relate to the articles in the leaflet.

star- showing that the volunteers are stars, sparing their own time and helping others.

heart- the love that Home-Start provide and how they can help heal a heart.

sun- to show that Home-Start offer a ray of light and warmth to families.

coin- to assist with the donation section on the Gift Aid. 

New Gift Aid mock-up. I have been focusing more on the leaflet than the Gift Aid, so I started to work more on the development of the Gift Aid as well. I searched the Home-Start website and other leaflets for information that was relevant to include on the Gift Aid form, as well as picking out my own info on why to donate etc. The Gift Aid form doesn’t look as neat as there is alot of info to include in a little space. On the front you have to include info about Home-Start.

Our workshop on Monday was helpful as Philippa (and Adam) gave me some more tips on improving the leaflet and the Gift Aid form. For example: making the heading larger and closer together. Making the quotes larger. Bleeding off the image from the Home-Start family.

I was pleased to hear that Philippa really thought it was coming along and that I was nearly there. Now I just need to finish off all of the last things, keep playing aorund with it and keep printing it to see how it looks, as it always looks different from on screen to on paper.

Also I need to find a good paper to print on. I want to print on a thin cardboard to give it some strength and durability.

Starting to play around with the adjustments in lesson….

Improving the back of the Gift Aid form. One of the mock ups:

Playing around with improving the leaflet. Trying different words:

New Illustrations

February 8, 2010

Picking out the info and part of a mock-up

February 5, 2010

I read through my notes, the websites and the leaflets to pick out the information I thought best to use in my new creation. Alot of it is great and describes Home-Start well but on the leaflets it just needs the writing cut down and for it to be made clearer.

Part of a new mock-up:

Philippa gave me some good advice and tips on the typography, layout etc.

Looking at different promotional material

February 5, 2010

Tips on Charity websites and using social media

February 3, 2010

Some useful websites and blogs with information about charity websites and using social media for promotion.

I will include these websites in my research for Home-Start Camden.

What they think works, tips and ideas.  Take a look if you wish:


February 3, 2010

These are some of the animations we were looking at in class for ideas and inspiration. The one for Action for Children ‘Nicolas Story’ kind of related to the hand drawn theme I was thinking of using.

All of these animations are nice as they all have their own style, look and put across the message very clearly and interestingly, in a short time. They mix different medias, such as real life imagery and illustration to create nice textures and a freindly feel.


February 3, 2010

This is the Home Start Camden website:

As you can see it really needs some work doing to it. It is all very busy, too much writing and not alot of organisation. Nothing grabs your attention and draws you in as there is nothing to focus on. A picture being on  the homepage or a video would be a much better way to catch peoples attention and keep them on the site. You only have a few seconds in which a website has to catch a viewers attention and draw them in, before they might just click away from the page.

So it needs:

  • More structure
  • Less writing
  • Don’t want to have to scroll down a long way on a homepage
  • More organisation
  • For the writing and information to be sectioned and titled better, so a viewer can just click on it if they actually wish to read more. Not for all the info to be pushed upon you.
  • More life like pictures
  • An animation to sum up and explain the charity in a short, clear and interesting way.
  • Less colours
  • More professional
  • There are too many fonts being used

Some nice charity websites are:

Action for children:


Rainbow Trust:



They are much more professional, cleaner, neater, structured and generally more interesting. All the information is structured well so viewers can just click on it if they wish too. There is a simplicity to the websites, not too many colours are in use.

On all of these websites there is something to focus on straight away on the homepage. With it either being a video or photo/photos.

Home Start Charity

January 28, 2010

For our new project, we all had to pick one out of a number of different briefs and sign-up to our chosen one, this was back around Christmas. I chose to sign-up for the brief on creating new material, to help raise awareness, for the charity Home Start, particularly working with the Camden section as it has recently lost its council funding and has had to let its paid central manager go. Home Start is a national charity though and is a completely unique charity providing help to distressed families with children from 0-5 in their own homes.

To start with we were talking about Home Start and asking alot of questions about the charity. Some questions aren’t really answered on their current websites etc. Then we had to start thinking about which section of the campaign we wanted to work on out of; the awareness campaign, promotional material or the website. To sum it up it was more out of: creating an animation for the website and to send out, leaflets and a gift aid form or the company report brochure; creating a template for it.

To start with I was thinking about working with the awareness campaign but then decided on the promotional material as it is probably the print side of design that I want to go into more in the future, so this was more relevant. Also I haven’t created a leaflet before so it would be great experience, good inclusion in my portfolio and also I hope that it will help improve my layout skills.

So the research begins…..

SOPHIE: A Dark Angel

December 4, 2009

“Leeds-based agency Propaganda has produced a haunting animated short in tribute to Sophie Lancaster, the young Goth who was kicked and beaten to death by a mob in August 2007 in Bacup, Lancashire…”      (From Creative Review)

Sophie and her boyfriend were attacked, just because of the way they were dressed. This video has been created to raise awareness.

“It is a collaboration between Propaganda, French illustrator and animator Fursy Teyssier, band Portishead (whose track Roads provides a suitably emotive soundtrack) MTV, and make-up company Illamasqua – who fully funded it.”

“The key message of SOPHIE: Stamp Out Prejudice, Intolerance and Hatred, Everywhere – hence the commissioning of this film.”

Sophie Lancaster Foundation