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Munch&twigs games

April 15, 2010

 My 6 final game boards for the Okido Magazine project:


Munch and twigs final pieces (from sketchbook)

March 27, 2010

 We handed in our final pieces and research on the 16th of March for assessment. Rachel took all our printed work and we also sent her the jpeg versions, so these are just a few pics from my sketch book of the final work for now…

Above was my favourite game board. I think it was because of the colourful, bright friendly squares of colour and images. Yet all around the edge of the colourful squares, the design is quite clean and simple. Also there wasn’t the need for a lot of type, so there was easily enough clear space for the needed sewn type.

I created 6 final pieces in total, so 6 board games. Rachel seemed to really like them but her main criticism was the screen printed, stencil like type that I used on 2 of the games (luckily only 2!!!!). I was worried at the time that Rachel wouldn’t like but it is best to experiment and it is also extremley difficult to sew small font, especially in some of the really confined spaces I had to work in. However I will sew this type on a seperate piece of canvas and scan it in to change on the 2 games in the near future.

I created 3 finger puppets for the project. I wanted to try my own ones from being inspired by Soju’s finger puppets that I saw in the Okido Pop-up shop. 2 of them are felt the other one is screen printed.

scanned in screen prints

March 13, 2010

These are my practice screen prints scanned in and then the last ones I modified and played around with. I love them! I like it how the colours are not all even and how I feel these characters have personality and life. Practice makes perfect! More screen printing to come…..

Screen Printing: round 1

March 12, 2010

Practicing screen printing my Munch & twigs characters. I used 4 different stencils for each colour I wanted to use and printed it onto fabric, card and paper. I am going to do a few screen prints of Munch & twigs in different scenarios for the final game boards.

Munch & twigs

March 3, 2010