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Smart Inks

April 16, 2010

Just the other week when researching I came across an Internet page on smart inks. They showed two books, one that had designs created with thermochromic inks and the other with phosphorescent ink.

They involve great ideas, beautiful designs and are so interesting and different. The fact that part of the design is actually being hidden and how the book feels as though it comes alive is brilliant. It also involves the element of surprise and gradual revealing, which always keeps the reader/viewer entertained and drawn to the book.  

I felt great that I had found out about these inks and started to try and find out more but obviously you just end up finding out that they are very expensive. I went on several print companies Internet pages and even emailed one to find out if they used smart inks, with still having know reply. So it wasn;t obvious that alot of these print companies used these smart inks. So even though I realised that I would probably be unable to ever use these inks it was great that I found out about them for the purpose of inspiration and ideas generation. They could have potentially been a greta idea for my FMP book. But never give up.

These are the two books that the blog showed:

The egg book uses thermochromic ink. The baby birds are hidden in the egg, until the reader places there hand over the egg, warming it up and therefore revealing the baby birds.

This is the second book; Spot Nocturnal Animals. The cover is blank and the inside pages only have animal footprints on, that is in the daylight. Until at night the book reveals the nocturnal animals as the pages come to life.

This is the link to the blog page, definitely worth having a look:


Some fellow students final work

March 20, 2010

 A few pictures of peoples final work for the Okido project brief. We had to create either a game or story to feature on an Okido magazine page.

I love the work above, it is so intricate and beautifully done. It is definitely very visually interesting both for adults and children.

This is Kates work below where you had to find the body noises:

Below is Andys work. Also really love his work, it has such a great look and style to it. He firstly hand drew the images and then scanned them and over drew them in Illustrator, which he said took a very long time! Then he modified them in Photoshop, adding colour etc. The kind of dirty, old brown paper look he created by scanning in some old paper, layering it in Photoshop then bringing down the opacity of his images so you could see some of the paper. I thought this was such a great ideas!

the balloon is so cute!

Izzys work:

Jamie Rostants work, Breakfast time!:

I will upload some pics of my final work soon….

It was great seeing everyones work at the end of the project as we have seen it progress and then to actually see the final piece is great too, so we can see the whole development of the work. I think seeing your fellow students work is definitely one of the most inpirational things for our own work and it is great as we can all talk about it and share how we created the work. There was definitely some great work produced and some great ideas.