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Illustrator Workshop with Jo Spencer

February 17, 2010

I did a workshop with Jo Spencer yesterday where we were working with Illustrator. Jo is going to put a book together for issuu made up of the letters of the Alphabet, in Helvetica, created in illustrator. Each student was working on a different letter, I had K! Above are some of the processes Jo was teaching us, such as creating a mask.


Lego + Chance + Fibonacci

January 28, 2010

I attended a Grids, Units and Modules workshop at University. Darren showed us a presentation on the goldren rectangle and talked about using this, the rule of thirds and the Fibonacci sequence in creating layouts and typography hierarchy etc.

After the presentation we split into 3 groups and each group were given a rule or sequence, a word and definition and objects in which we would create something with using the rule and word we were given. Our group were given the word chance, the fibonacci sequence and lego! lego yayyyyy. In the end we decided to use the fibonacci sequence to create shapes with the lego and it would be by chance how they turned out, if they looked the same, completely different shapes, similar colours and so on….

So we each started with any random 5 bricks and made any shape.

Then we passed this to the person to our left and they then added 8 new bricks to it, in any way that they wanted…

Next we passed it round again to the person on our left and then all of us added 13 new bricks to the new model we had been passed, in any way we wanted to.

This went on from starting with 5 bricks, from working through the fibonacci sequence, to each adding 89 bricks! We couldn’t possibly carry on with the sequence any further as there were not enough bricks.

You can see each of the models that I was being passed building up as we added more and more lego to them.

By passing the model each time we had added the next number of bricks in the sequence, to the next person, kept it random, instead of us just each working on our own model.

The models all actually ended up looking quite similar, they were all pretty much a similar height and width. Obviously they had differences about them but really they were quite similar.

As Darren said, with lego you are inclined to build up, instead of out because of the design of the lego, so this is why our models went upwards, rather than outwards.

The next group were given the rule of thirds, the word balance and post it notes. They created this scale shaped in the rule of thirds and also being balanced.

The last group had the golden rectangle and clipart so they created the clipart in the shape of the golden rectangle, showing the growth of the phone, with the most modern phone being the largest in size. It is showing the growth of technology.