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Home-Start Leaflets

March 26, 2010

Below are images of the two leaflets I handed in at the end of the Home-Start Camden charity project for the final pieces. I need to take some better pictures of alot of my work. 

Leaflet one, info on the charity, volunteering and donating:


The idea is that the way you open the leaflet creates surprise as you don’t know what is to come on the next page, which all helps in keeping the readers attention. Also it is a fun and different way of unfolding a leaflet to most of the folds used. Seeing little bits of the heart also allows it slowly to be revealed, yet connects all of the pages together.

Second leaflet, for gift aid, donating and a little info about the charity:

Since then I have seen Philippa who has given me advice on how I can tweek and improve certain bits of the leaflet, as Home-Start Camden are interested in actually using my leaflets which is great news. Therefore I have been playing around with the designs, tweaking bits here and there. Also I have been trying to sort out a price with a printers.

Experimenting with improvements:

I have changed some of the sizes of the type on both leaflets, am palying around with the layout for the front of the A5 leaflet and trying different illustrations for the front of the larger leaflet.


The end of Home-Start

February 11, 2010

Well it is the end of the Home-Start Camden project as I have handed in the finished work for it. People from the Home-Start charity are coming in today at 2 but unfortunately I think I am, going to have to miss it as I have a briefing at the same time for my new project. So that is a shame!

I am a bit disappointed as I wish I had got a better quality of thin card to print on. I would have liked it to have had a matte look to it, to improve the quality and make it look more professional but I will probably just do this in the future to improve it for use in my portfolio.

I will upload some pictures soon of the final leaflet and A5 gift aid form………

Progressing with the mock-ups

February 9, 2010

I started to think of new ideas last Monday to assist in the progression of my leaflet. This was the new mock that I created for this Thursday. I new it still needed some work to it, with the front cover being a priority.


The leaflet involves information about Home-Start Camden, Volunteer information and donatation information.

There are a number of quotes, one from the volunteer and two from Home-Start clients.

The focus on words are to show a conscious stream of thought. So the words are to do with feelings from the services that Home-Start provides and it is like a stream of thought from clients of Home-Start.

The drawings are to assist with interest and to create a theme. They bring in the childs view to Home-Start, with the illustrations looking like childs drawings. The illustrations also relate to the articles in the leaflet.

star- showing that the volunteers are stars, sparing their own time and helping others.

heart- the love that Home-Start provide and how they can help heal a heart.

sun- to show that Home-Start offer a ray of light and warmth to families.

coin- to assist with the donation section on the Gift Aid. 

New Gift Aid mock-up. I have been focusing more on the leaflet than the Gift Aid, so I started to work more on the development of the Gift Aid as well. I searched the Home-Start website and other leaflets for information that was relevant to include on the Gift Aid form, as well as picking out my own info on why to donate etc. The Gift Aid form doesn’t look as neat as there is alot of info to include in a little space. On the front you have to include info about Home-Start.

Our workshop on Monday was helpful as Philippa (and Adam) gave me some more tips on improving the leaflet and the Gift Aid form. For example: making the heading larger and closer together. Making the quotes larger. Bleeding off the image from the Home-Start family.

I was pleased to hear that Philippa really thought it was coming along and that I was nearly there. Now I just need to finish off all of the last things, keep playing aorund with it and keep printing it to see how it looks, as it always looks different from on screen to on paper.

Also I need to find a good paper to print on. I want to print on a thin cardboard to give it some strength and durability.

Starting to play around with the adjustments in lesson….

Improving the back of the Gift Aid form. One of the mock ups:

Playing around with improving the leaflet. Trying different words:

New Illustrations

February 8, 2010

Picking out the info and part of a mock-up

February 5, 2010

I read through my notes, the websites and the leaflets to pick out the information I thought best to use in my new creation. Alot of it is great and describes Home-Start well but on the leaflets it just needs the writing cut down and for it to be made clearer.

Part of a new mock-up:

Philippa gave me some good advice and tips on the typography, layout etc.

Relevant leaflets for new idea and more mock-ups

February 5, 2010

 Lealfets working with words:

Trying to think of ways to catch peoples attention straight away and get them to want to read the leaflet:

After having the new focus on emphasing words in my leaflet I looked again at Philippas leaflets for the ones that included the use of large words and the play with words.

Drawing ideas:

Creating more mock-ups in class:

Idea frienship: front

Idea frienship: open

Idea frienship: back

Ideas landscape and more length:

Ideas landscape and more length: front (would be longer in width in real life)

Ideas landscape and more length: open

Ideas landscape and more length: open fully

Ideas landscape and more length: back

Different fold: front

Different fold: open 1

Different fold: open2

Different fold: open 3

Different fold: back

Instead of including the illustrations how I had designed them before, instead Philippa gave me the idea of colouring inside of the shape instead of outside. This is because I said that it wouldn’t neat or clean with all of the colouring around the edge of the illustration. This is a much better idea as it will be much easier to include them in my leaflet, without it looking to messy or overbearing.

New inspiration, ideas and development

February 5, 2010



Doomsday work by Pentagram

Illustrated houses by Isobelle Williams:

I had a new idea of using black images like the ones above, instead of my hand drawn illustrated ones. They would be very simple and the images would link in with the themes of volunteering, Home-Start and Donating. Also from my inspiration above I started to think about focusing on words associated with Home-Start and really using these as part of my design, being both large and bold. Philippa had shown us some leaflets that focused on words in our workshops.

I started to create some ideas:





The idea for this leaflet was a theme of black and white and when you open up the leaflet there is a large coloured picture, or more than 1, of a family, with the words ‘Bringing the colour back into your families lives.’

I really like the black and white styled Pentagram work above, however I don’t think ti is completely right for this project. Philippa said for me to try and include my illustrated images in to the leaflet. Also I need to catch peoples attention straight away and with it being black and white I don’t think it will do this.

So I started to create some new mock-ups and now have some more ideas and improvements to work with…..

Looking at different promotional material

February 5, 2010

Building Initial ideas

February 5, 2010

Above: thinking of words and relevant images

Below: thinking of words relevant to the Home-Start clients and the volunteers.

Creating initial ideas:

Tips on Charity websites and using social media

February 3, 2010

Some useful websites and blogs with information about charity websites and using social media for promotion.

I will include these websites in my research for Home-Start Camden.

What they think works, tips and ideas.  Take a look if you wish: