About me

I am a student studying at the London College of Communication, formally known as the London College of Printing. I am in my second year of the course FdA Design for Graphic Communication. I have really enjoyed the course and would love to be able to study on the BA top-up year, so finger crossed. Through the course I have discovered that I love working with hand-created design, also involving print, so this is something I wish to continue exploring.


4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Maria Says:

    Hi! I came across your blog while esearching for my FMP. I study in Russia in British Higher School of art and design (hpefully, i’ll continue education in the University of Hertfordshire some time later). It’s interesting to see how the process goes in other people’s project. And we do the same things, though live and study in different countries! So the point of my wtiting to you is a proposal to connect in Facebook! Maybe some design thought exchange can be useful and fun! find me, if you are ok with my suggestion ) Maria Tamgina. my profile is not rich with pics and stuff, i don’t use it quite often, but i will update it soon, today is the deadline for my FMP!!!

  2. shahujvaln Says:


    Its long time.. No update on your blog.. I am waiting to see your next best work


    • sunshinelollipop Says:


      Thank you for the comment 🙂 I haven’t used this blog for a long time now but I may just start it up again! I have just posted a link on the homepage to one of my other blogs which has some of the work that I completed while at University. From that blog you can also visit the Links section which has a number of links to some of my other related work.


      I am just going to check out your website now 🙂

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