Experimental Formats and Packaging

 God does this book relate to the research, you couldn’t really ask for much more. Definitely worth checking out! The book shows different topics related to experimental formats, making it full of interesting topics; binding, printing, materials, interaction, inform, formats, folding and so on.

“But while, for largely practical reasons, there has been a general trend towards uniformity and slick consistency in the physical production of published materials, alongside has run a healthy tradition for experiment with the printed form- experiment with stucture, shape, materials, function- creating pieces of print which stand out on their physical merits alone.”

I have picked out a few different pieces of work:

‘Do’ by KesselsKramer

This is a coverless book for the productless brand. The cover is a shrink wrapped piece of polythene with the type screenprinted onto it. Once the plastic has been wripped, the cover has been destroyed. 

‘I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Everywhere, with Everyone, One to One, Always, Forever, Now’ by Jonathon  Barnbrook

Somewhere between an artists monograph and a children’s playbook. The book involves pop-ups and moveable functions.


This is an arts and media journal. Involves hole punched pages and work that has been put through the shredder.

‘Jacqueline Rabum’

A book created for a jewellery designer who works solely in silver and white gold and always uses a small hole somewhere on the piece. No images or text appear in the entire book. each page is printed in a different shade of silver.

‘La Favola Delle Favole’

Produced as a children’s book, it is bound by two bulldog clips allowing the pages to be removed and reshuffled. The idea behind the book is to let the child’s imagination run free and create their own stories and drawings. The book is made up of unfinished drawings, coloured pages, pages with shapes cut into them and textured materials.

‘Made in Italy’

The simple brochure uses string that is threaded through the spreads. As the pages are turned the stirng is pulled tight. The use of string is based on a greek mythology, where following the string Theseus found the oute out of the labyrinth and the road to success.

‘Tod Versuche Mich’

On first inspection this would appear to have a normal cover, however when you switch off the lights the book has a luminescent glow, so the radioactive quality of the cover is revealed.

“No furniture so charming as books” averred the essayist Sudney Smith.


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