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Thursdays workshop

April 30, 2010

There were also some other parts to our workshop on Thursday the 22nd of April. Before generating our format ideas in groups Darren spoke about how to take on this project.

  • We need to create memorable work
  • When thinking about the possible we have to also think about the impossible.
  • We don’t want possible, thinkable work as that would be boring and easy.
  • We don’t to try and create impossible, unthinkable work as this just wouldn’t happen, we would spend way too long even thinking of an initial idea, which I guess because it is impossible, we wouldn’t even be able to think of one or wouldn’t ever we able to create it.
  • The best route to go is unthinkable, possible work. This can be accomplished but it will be different, innovative and create a WOW reaction.
  • It is best to think that innovative work is also useful and practical.

Below is one of the videos that we viewed in the workshop. It is very clever and nicely designed work and this was actually just a video predicting what was going to happen to the future of the magazine. What I like most about the video is how he didn’t want to interupt of distract the reader, he just wanted to create ease and friendly useability.

What is different from this to my project is that I probably do want to interupt the readers attention, by creating something interactive and maybe something of discovery, where the reader may have to keep stopping for a bit to discover a new material or say a fold out page.


Craig Oldham

April 30, 2010

“A personal experiment to challenge the format and purpose of the memo post-it note.

Designed and conceived to act as a visual reminder to the millions of us who are forgetful, the memo stickie has found a place on almost every desk, in every office in the world.

This experiment was not only a personal test but a visual and metaphorical challenge to a media who’s purpose isn’t always exercised.”

I have chosen to show this work as I like how Craig Oldham is challenging the format, it may not be the same format that we are challenging but it is still interesting to see a project like this.

Click on the image below to go to Craig Oldham’s site:


April 30, 2010

 A brilliant video with different printed examples of digital interaction. The three projects he shows are all great. I love how by touching the print you can change the colour of the 3D car and how by moving the Lego box round you can see the model building together and then actually moving.

Treasure children’s book

April 30, 2010

Ok skip the beginning and ignore some of the cringy bits but I liked the concept of the interaction with the book for children. How they find the treasure through the book and as they do they can open a 3D treasure box. This treasure then determines what page that they go to. It makes the hole reading experience that bit more different and interesting for them.

Ian Brown

April 30, 2010

I think that it is useful to research into work for different formats as these can also inspire your own. Such as the design for the posters below, could also be applied to the design of a book, so many formats overlap and can influence one another.

“Graduation exhibition posters at Gerrit Rietveld Academie; ’06, with Selina Bütler.”

Posters: sound

April 29, 2010

 I found these posters while researching into materials. I love the interaction and how the result from the interaction is actually sound. You never really associate sound with 2D posters. Or when there is sound there will some sort of speaker. Very fun posters and nicely designed. Simple yet very effective. I really like the play with materials.

Mike Stilkey

April 29, 2010

Something a bit different… book scultures by Mike Stilkey. The name was mentioned as a resource for people looking into books, from one of the presentations on the first Monday. I like how the books have been painted onto with quite weirdly shaped illustrations. Also I like how the positioning of the books has been explored, in order to enhance the illustration.

There are plenty more to see, please click on the cat.

Su Blackwell

April 29, 2010

Su Blackwell was another name mentioned in Monday the 19th’s presentation by another group. When I then started to conduct some research into Su Blackwell’s work, I realised that I had actually posted up some of the work she has created already, without knowing who it was by. Anyways, here is some more beautiful, intricate work and another example of exploring the format of the book in a unique and interesting way.

I like the inclusion of the light above, it really adds something to the design and emphasis’ the real craft and intricate paper sculpting.

Ian Hundley

April 29, 2010

I loved this post on Laila Bumanglag’s blog….

Ian Hundley is a Brooklyn-based artist who transforms maps into original large-scale quilts.

I really love these, I am not even doing maps for my chosen format but I love the idea and the aesthetic appeal of these maps and really the idea could apply to various things. I haven’t seen a map on a quilt before, so they are very interesting and unique and really do look great!

I could even apply this idea to a book….

  • A quilt book; the book could unfold into a giant quilt
  • The pages of the book could all be sewn onto a large quilt, so the quilt would just be one thing full of story pages

Magazines video

April 29, 2010

This nice little video was on Jenny brown’s blog. I wanted to post it up as I thought it related to one of our ideas generation workshops. We were thinking of dominant ideas of the different formats, then thinking of the more impossible ideas and finishing somewhere in the middle. Our group were coming up with ideas for the format; magazines.