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Class Illustrations

February 27, 2010


Mini book for Mini Okido project

February 25, 2010

 A few (not the best quality) shots from making my mini Okido book. I decided to create it by sewing as I really wanted to try some more sewing so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and I thought it would be something really different, instead of just creating it by paper.

I used the 16 page origami you tube video to create it.

Published blog post on ECCA London

February 25, 2010

Tuesday 23 February 2010     Posted at 17:00 by: Emma Wilson

Making Money from your Creativity: what Xiang did next

To get a valuable insight into how to use your creativity for enterprise, who better to ask than a previous competition winner for Making Money from your Creativity?

Xiang Zeng has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and was commissioned to create images for the ECCA website.

One of her main pieces of advice is to start your own website or blog. “My freelancing is currently mostly conducted through my website,” says Xiang. “There people can find my blog with photos and news of my products as well as a shop where these products may be bought.” Creating a website is an unofficial way of publishing your work and getting your ideas noticed, and it can also produce revenue from sales.

Winning the ECCA London competition was no doubt an important contribution to her website becoming the first hit on Google search.

Using her creativity for enterprise, she explores many different design endeavours. These mainly include wallpaper design and illustration, as well as reinforced paper jewellery and brooches.

Her work was noticed at the degree show by The Hungarian Cultural Centre. “Together with four other students, was offered an opportunity to exhibit there,” Xiang explains. “The financing was provided by the centre, but the planning for the exhibition was entirely up to us. We had a 4 page long article in the Hungarian Elle Decoration in the October issue, which talked about the upcoming exhibition and about our work.”

This was obviously a great source of publicity for the exhibition. They also sent out invites, as well as creating advertisements on both Facebook and Twitter, all valuable methods of promotion.

It is clear that by becoming involved in different events, networking and competitions, it allows your work to get noticed and provides a platform for future work and experiences. Since being involved in Making Money from your Creativity, Xiang has completed many different types of creative work, such as: being involved in a fashion winter shoot with Rita Parniczky and designing a window pattern for a high end fusion restaurant in Shanghai.

Xiang gave some other advice for students on how to earn money from their creativity: “Business link is definitely a good place to start. You can get one on one free advice from them for a year and they provide telephone support as well. ECCA also has up to three free advice sessions for students and graduates.”

Networking is also a key aspect in getting started, as you meet new people who you may want to collaborate with in the future or who could possibly be your future customers. Xiang says: “It is most helpful to meet people who you may be able to collaborate with later or who may become your future customers. Good networking places are: Metropolitan works, Hidden art, Shell livewire. Constantly pitch for commissions.”

To find out more about Xiang, go to

ECCA will be launching a new competition next month, so keep checking back on Making Money from your Creativity.

Emma Wilson was a runner-up for a Making Money from your Creativity competition.

You can visit to see more peoples work for the blog posts.

A few sketch book pages (initial)

February 22, 2010

 A few scans from my sketch book, not all very clear! a few initial ideas….

I have done lots of research too into the curriculumn, tips on teaching children, aims and origami

Illustrations online

February 18, 2010

Looking at Illustrations online…

Sorry I haven’t got everyones names for them all. Alot of them I found on Flickr.

Petra Chladkova- Pink elephant

Kate Hindley- bear and bird

I have been picking out alot of illustrations with great textures and materials, as it is something that I love and want to try for this project.

I have been researching into teaching science for children aged 2-7, it is hard to find the right stuff but if you keep looking you can find some good tips, aims etc….

Also looking at the Okido magazine spreads is one of the most helpful things to do, as it gives you ideas on games, topics and how they tell the story for this age group.


February 18, 2010

I am trying to find some simple origami to use for creating an A4 or A3 book. I don’t want anything too over the top, as I don’t want there to be folds all over the illustrations, I just want it too look like a little book.

The only type of origami I keep finding, is the one that was used already for the book that Rachel showed us….

like this!

A video for making a book like this:

warning: you may want to mute it and it isn’t the best quality one I found, just the shortest one, so you get the rough idea.

The only other decent one I found for a book, was this 16page book. I don’t know if I would want it smaller than this though. hmmmmm???!!

This could be quite a kool idea for a book…

I will continue looking though. I only found one origami book at University that wasn’t for making books, I might look in my local library for any.

Maybe I will just try and make my own one up!?!?!

Contributors to Okido

February 18, 2010

OKIDO: “Stimulating science ideas through art, play and experimentation. There’s origami, games, stories and recipes. Each issue has a theme, such as ‘feelings&emotions’ , ‘blood&circulation’ or ‘the senses’. Printed on recycled paper only using vegetable-oil ink it is guaranteed eco-friendly.”

Some work that I especially liked from a few of the contributors to Okdio. Not all of the work is for Okido…

Seeing this poem work for Okido,  reminded me of  the books ‘Sam I am’. These were brilliant books and so much fun.

Would you like them
in a house?
Would you like them
with a mouse?

I do not like them
in a house.
I do not like them
with a mouse.
I do not like them
here or there.
I do not like them
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

Tibaud Herem

The bird illustrations above by Tibaud have such character, you can almost see them coming to life. I like the strong, black outline with the colour inside.

The cards below I thought could be a great idea for Okido. I could put different characters onto the cardsand it could become a game to turn the cards over and find the matching pairs.

Mathilde Nivet (below)

I like the full spread pages, full of colour and imagery. Makes a very fun, interesting page.

Ben and Fiona O’Brien (below)

I really want to try and create a soft toy sometime and maybe it will be the perfect opportunity for this project. Obviously making a soft toy of the character illustration that I create.

More of Rachel Ortas’ pics…

I love the giant teddys!

Illustrator Workshop with Jo Spencer

February 17, 2010

I did a workshop with Jo Spencer yesterday where we were working with Illustrator. Jo is going to put a book together for issuu made up of the letters of the Alphabet, in Helvetica, created in illustrator. Each student was working on a different letter, I had K! Above are some of the processes Jo was teaching us, such as creating a mask.

The Picture Book

February 17, 2010

Andrew Zbihlyj

antoine et manuel

ceri amphlett

chris haughton

eduardo recife

Eduardo recife

Genevieve Gauckler

Genevieve Gauckler

Gina Triplett

Jasper Goodall

jeremy tankard

jesper waldersten

Jonathan Tran

Marion Deuchars

michael gillette

nina chakrabarti

Gary Taxali

reggie pedro

Tom Gauld

Obviouisly a great way to start off when working on an illustrative project, is to look at other illustrators work. All of the images above are from a book called ‘The Picture Book’ which is edited by Angus Hyland.

I chose a number of pictures from the book to show above, using mainly ones that inspired me and were related to the OKIDO magazine project, that used different styles and media to create their work or that I just generally liked.

I am very interested in hand created design, so bringing in a type of media to use in my illustrations is something that I am thinking about. Such as paint, collage, oil paints, coloured pens ……

Okido pictures

February 16, 2010