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Looking at Layouts

December 22, 2009

Some beautiful layouts

All of the layouts I found on

They are by London based design studio Ah.

The two layouts above by

I like the illstrated layouts because they have this great style and feel to them. They use the space in all different ways. The colourful layouts really catch your eye and give the spreads great energy. The two last spreads I put in as they are using the letters of the alphabet as a spread, just like my current project.


Different PDF spread layouts

December 21, 2009

These are some of my layouts I tried before the hand in of the draft PDF. Now I will be putting more energy and life into these spreads, to keep an interesting and good pace when viewing the PDF.

(Photo quality is quite bad)

Steves layout drawing

Now I will be looking at different spreads, that have more variation and energy, so that I can get some more inspiration for my own spreads, to improve them.

More work and experiments

December 19, 2009

Work and experiments

December 17, 2009

Pieces of work and experiments for the different spreads of the alphabet. Some I will be using for the actual PDF and some I will just show as experimentation and development work if I decide not to use it. Creating all these different pieces helps you to develop though, as you can see what works and it helps you to create new ideas.

Tutorial for Draft PDF

December 9, 2009

I had my tutorial on Monday where we showed a draft of our A-Z of Graphic Language PDF. I was really nervous before as you just hope that the tutors like what you are doing and think your doing well. My tutorial was with Darren and Philipa, who I hadn’t shown my work to yet.

The tutorial went well though and it was much more laid back than I thought it was going to be, as we just went around looking at other work individually and then the tutors looked at it a bit more while we went out of the room to fill in a questionnaire.

The main point of the tutorial seemed like an analysis of where we are and what we have been doing, viewing others work, sharing opinions and giving each other feedback and generally on just where we should go from this point to develop it. So overall I found it very helpful.

I new I had to improve my layouts which is one of the main feedback points that I got from the tutorial. I had miss interpreted the meaning of consistency, I thought this meant keeping everything consitent in the layouts but it means more to keep 1 thing in the same place and maybe have the same sized column bars but move them around the page and make the pages more varied with more energy.

Other points:

  • layouts-more asymmetrical and dynamic
  • Type-look at more big letters and smaller captions.
  • Look at reducing the script font use, its good on the huge capitals. Look at Vaughan Oliver’s book Viseral Pleasures for good use of decorative type
  • Not enough pace and change
  • Look at Children’s books, good ones at the Tate Modern
  • However really nice ideas and images, keep going

So now I really feel excited to have more direction in which to take my ideas and progress with the PDF. I will look into different layouts, typography, continuing creating new ideas and finishing off the pieces for my PDF.

SOPHIE: A Dark Angel

December 4, 2009

“Leeds-based agency Propaganda has produced a haunting animated short in tribute to Sophie Lancaster, the young Goth who was kicked and beaten to death by a mob in August 2007 in Bacup, Lancashire…”      (From Creative Review)

Sophie and her boyfriend were attacked, just because of the way they were dressed. This video has been created to raise awareness.

“It is a collaboration between Propaganda, French illustrator and animator Fursy Teyssier, band Portishead (whose track Roads provides a suitably emotive soundtrack) MTV, and make-up company Illamasqua – who fully funded it.”

“The key message of SOPHIE: Stamp Out Prejudice, Intolerance and Hatred, Everywhere – hence the commissioning of this film.”

Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Paper folding Inspiration

December 4, 2009

I have been influenced by many different designers and just other peoples work through the project, which has then help me develop ideas and concepts.

I was going to develop part of a workshop I did with David, with our shoe box collection, by creating a screen print of one of our line drawings. Then I remembered a piece of work I had seen by Helen Musselwhite, created by paper folding.

I had seen it in Creative Review and had also read a bit about how paper folding has become popular. So instead of creating a screen print for this certain piece, I decided to try a bit of paper folding.

Then funny enough just a day or two later I read some more about paper folding in the current issue of CR and there was some beautiful work!

Created for the front cover of Form magazine.

For fashion brand Hermes.

For Starbucks ad.

The three above are by Yulia Brodskaya, a Russian born illustrator. They are so intricate and beautiful. I love it because it is a bit more unusual and still looks so well finished. I definitely want to create another piece using paper folding, with more of this kind of style, for my project. I have a few more letters free to create designs for.

Below Jeff Nishinaka. Paper sculptor, who has been working with the material for many years. Most of his work he creates is in pristine white.