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A different kind of distraction

November 30, 2009

I guess your normal distractions when trying to complete some work (well for some of us) may be facebook, our phones, food, TV, social outting……

This distraction was not your normal kind:

it had four legs, was furry and was looking for trouble and somewhere to rest

Daisy decided to come and plonk herself right on my work while I was in the middle of it. Haha we love daisy still


Screen Printing Induction

November 30, 2009

Monday 30th November

Today I completed a screen printing induction at University. I have previously done screen printing before at Ravensbourne but I wanted to refresh my memory, actually learn how to expose an image onto a screen and learn how to use the equipment at LCC.

Our tutor was great and the induction went well, I just hope it goes well when I go to do it by myself in the near future.

There were just a small group of us for the induction and we chose any sort of image to then photocopy and see how to expose it to screen. All of our images went onto one screen, I photocopied the Christmas tree from the latest issue of Creative Review. I liked all of the small detail making up the inside of the tree. Then we all had a go printing the screen with all these images exposed onto.

I completed the induction as I would like to do some screen printing for my A-Z Pdf project. I am using alot of hand crafted techniques and different processes and want to include some outcomes created by screen printing. Now I will be making some final decisions on what I want to create, in what colour and on what material.

To improve and build confidence, it just takes practice, experience and learning the technique.

Letters and alphabets

November 26, 2009

Great colours and they stand out because there differet.×383.png

Clean, neat and a new idea (for me anyway).

I think the layout is what makes this work.

Fridays antics… Spray Painting

November 26, 2009

Friday 20th November

My work on Friday was all around spray painting. I am really pleased with the outcomes from the spray painted work, some of it is finished and others I will now be working with more.

It is definitely best to just delve in and get creating. This leads you to realise what ideas have a good outcome to them, how your idea is actually realised, to have different work to experiment with and also new work and ideas get produced from it.

Now I have finished one piece and have some more to work with.

Here is the progress of my day:

The photos aren’t the best but better quality ones will be taken for my final pieces.

Dark Room Photography- Photograms

November 26, 2009

Monday 23rd November

On Monday I did some dark room photography. I had completed the induction in my 1st year and had really enjoyed it and liked the outcomes. So because I wanted to use different processes in my project, I decided I wanted to do some dark room photography, also because I had enjoyed doing it. I hadn’t done any dark room work since the induction, so kindly Harpreet reminded me of the process, as I didn’t want to go there and muck anything up.

The idea behind the photograms is that the character to my story, Alice , has been collecting interesting objects along her journey through the enchanted forest. However when an Ogre swoops her up and off her feet all of the interesting objects she has been collecting, fall out of her pocket on to the forest floor. So I wanted to create some photograms, with different objects just scattered, as if they have just landed there.

This photogram was taken on old photo paper, which is why the colour is more faded. I like the effect and texture of the paper, created by it being years old.

About three of the photograms on the new paper didn’t work out. (I bought new A5 photopaper after experimenting with the last piece of the old paper). I like how on the 3 that didn’t work out, you can still see tiny bits of the objects. On this one above you can see the most.

Test strip.

There is even more interesting detail when you view them in real life and up close. Some of the objects have turned out really nice, with a great effect being created. Now I will experiment with them more, take some better photographs and put one of them into a spread to she how they work.

Runner up for blog writing competition

November 20, 2009

A few weeks back I entered a competition for ECCA-London, where the task was to write up to a 100 word blog on…. what would we do if we were given a free tenner.

I am very pleased to have found out on Tuesday that I am a runner up! As well as winning £50, I will be writing at least two blogs entries for the website in the near future. This will help build my blog writing confidence and provide me with some more good experience.

Here is my entry:

With the tenner that I was given, from the kindness of ecca-london’s heart, I would jump with joy and blow it on sweets and films. Only kidding, really I would fly to London and visit the special ‘Everything for a £1 when you have a free tenner shop’. I would purchase; a trampoline, bouncy castle, swimming pool, swirly slide, rollercoaster, chocolate stall, ball pond, dodgems, music and a maze, all for a £1 each! I would set this up in Hyde Park, where everyone would come and have a go, resulting in hundreds of pounds being made for Charity.

Update on A-Z progress

November 19, 2009

My first tutorial, where we talk about our ideas, show our work, progress and see others work etc., took place last Monday. Mine was with Steve Lloyd and during the tutorial I showed all the work I had, spoke about the type of work I want to do for the project, which is print but didn’t have a firm theme that I wanted to go with for it. After the tutorial it pushed me to start actually looking into ideas, so my original idea of fairytale/make-believe become more prominant in my mind. I started looking into this on the internet, thinking that maybe it would lead me onto a different theme but it didn’t and I began to realise that this is the theme that I wanted to work with.

Decided theme now was: fairytale

Now I just began compiling ideas, looking on the internet at fairytales, work relating to fairytales, ideas for the PDF and then words that i could possibly use for each letter of the alphabet, creating a list.

I new that I wanted to use different processes to create the pieces for each letter of the alphabet. Then I also wanted to create a little story that would run through the alphabet, so on each spread would be a part of the story, featuring a word beginning with that particular letter. Then with this I would link the piece of work I was creating, into the story or create them to be relevant with the story.

Ideas for processes:

collage, dark room photography, photography, posters, computer, screen printing, stencil, letterpress, drawing, spray painting, sewing….

Basically I wanted to show my interests; which are print and hand made graphics and then create a little story with the theme of fairytale, that would be different, interesting and a little funny. I hope that this will be a different idea and will appeal to the tutors just for being fresh, interesting and different.

Plus, the VCT that I had decided on going with, that has to link in with our PDF work was ‘Found or <Find>’. I new straight away that this VCT lecture was the one that I was interested in and it links in with some of the kind of work I want to do for the project. I can use old ideas, old work to print over or cut a stencil into, all the materials that I have collected over a long time, new objects that I find, old pictures and so on.

More Kinetic Typography Videos

November 16, 2009

Joker’s Pencil Trick

One of the greatest movies; The Dark Knight.

I like quite a few aspects from this kinetic typography video and I think elements improve through the length of it. Just two parts out of many that I like are the ‘hmm’ that comes out diagonally from the writing and the jumping punctuation around ‘plan’. This is such as interesting part of the movie, the words and the way they are said and also the great sounds that accompany these words by Heath Ledger…. Amazing!

Now compare this with the one below. Some similar elements and some very different. Both have nice textured backgrounds to them.

The contrast of the different typefaces is a nice effect, with the Joker having a great odd looking font.

Monty Python

Funny audio clip, with some nice creativity. I like when the page fills up with words from all different places and angles and along with the simple imagery and type it has a great effect.

Simplicty rules here.

I have been enjoying looking at different kinetic typography videos since one of our earliest workshops for this A-Z of Graphic Language projects, where we were creating our own kinetic typography videos in Flash.

Some more wonderful alphabets- This time all hand crafted

November 10, 2009

Mosaic of Needlefelt Alphabet

sewn letters

Found on Flickr in Ann’s photostream.

They were created for her daughter who was learning how to read, spell and identify letters. The alphabet here appealed to me as it looks so beautiful as a set, with a great texture bringing it to life and the colours making it bright and happy. I also really like hand crafted design and you can tell that there has been time and love put into the creation of the alphabet here. The style of the letters are very clean and clear and the whole project would have created a nice hands on alphabet for her daughter.

Alphabet Bear

alphabet bear

These are part of an experiment by Penguin & Fish’s photostream. You hang them on the wall and then untie the little ribbons and take one down when you wish to hold it. I love them! They are so cute and I really love hand crafted designs. They have a great look and character to them, where the letters really stand out still. Would be great to see the whole alphabet together.

Alphabet Letters

alphabet letters

Greek Alphabet

Greek alphabet

Both of these found on evgie’s photostream. Nice intricate decoration and different patterns on each letter. These again are to try to get children interested in reading and getting them introduced to individual letters. The purpose is for children to really enjoy it. Another nicely hand crafted alphabet with a clean, rounded edge on the letters, giving it a soft, calm look. They could almost look like little cupcakes from above.

There are lots more to be seen and bought if wished on there shop’s website: – Theres so much fun to be had!

Thanks to everyone who created these wonderful alphabets.

Great inspiration towards my project and for future work.

greif alphabet 1

grief alphabet

Some Great Alphabets

November 4, 2009


Alphabet Shutters

My friend at University actually pointed out to me that these letter were a series, as he had a few photographs of some of the letters and I had two. Then I found a picture of all of the letters from the alphabet, above. Below are the two images that I had:


This A is from the top of Bricklane and the T below is also from Bricklane.



Light Alphabet

This is a very popular one but has such an amazing, clever effect. The photos look great and the letters have a great curved shape to them.


You also see alot of human alphabets, however this one is different from any that I have seen. The letters where they are holding the blanket in the wind are my favourites.


Letters made by the tops of buildings, very clever.


Great, weird, mystical effect. The letters all have great movement and texture.

These alphabets and more are from the website: Where David has found them from different peoples sites, such as Flickr. I would like to thank all the creators of these alphabets as they are very inspirational.

This alphabet I found from google. The bright colours are what stood out to me and the combining of both imagery and typography.

pic alphabet