Mariscal Drawing Life

During the Summer I visited this exhibition at the Design Museum. I had read about him and seen some pictures on the Internet and thought it would be good to check him out. I admit that before I was stupidly unaware of Javier Mariscal himself but when visiting his exhibition I recognised some of the work, the characters mainly.

The exhibition was such a good one to visit as there was so much to see, it was jam packed with inspiration. I love it when you walk into an exhibition room and the impact, colour, amount and style of the work just hits you. There was so much to take in and it just makes it so interesting having a large amount of work to look at. There were boards covered head to toe with t-shirts, characters, posters, teddys, books, cups, tins, toys and much more.

Mariscal started a diverse career when he moved to Barcelona in the 70’s. He paints, he is a film maker, a ceramic artist, a performer, designs; furniture, jewellery, bars, hotels clothing….

Is there really much more he could do?

You can see this from the exhibition where there are so many different types of work. So it is interesting for all to see, even those not that interested in art and design, and I feel appeals to children to. It is all about how Mariscal sees the world.





Above are pictures from Mariscals website:

There are also some great moving animations that play behind 3D characters. An image from one below:


 Also there were these great little buildings, I think they stood out lot as I just wasn’t expecting them and they are just so unique. The one below was featured on Creative Reviews Blog. In the exhibition there was also an animation playing inside of it.


The exhibition runs until the 1st of November and I definitely recomment going to see it. While here I also got to see the Super Contemporary exhibition which is also great. You can be there for ages reading all of the text and looking at the images along the walls. You can really get some great information and I really learnt a thing or too. There are lots of great structures and creations in the room to see. You can see past, present and future works in the room, where the creativeness of London is celebrated.


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